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 NetherBound Setting Specific Information

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PostSubject: NetherBound Setting Specific Information   Thu May 14, 2015 10:24 pm

This information will be expanded probably as time goees on!

Five years prior to the start of gameplay a war ended that was between the Undying of Nereus and the southern kingdoms of the continent of Gryne. The Undying were lead by the fearsome Scorned across the inhospitable Wyldlands by unknown means. The war lasted ten years. During the final battle of the war the King of Dalendine was slain by one of the First Seven of the Scorned. But, the combined forces of Vashtinos, Dalendine, Orc mercenaries from Urzul, Dwarves from the south, and elves from across the sea were able to turn the tide and send the Scorned running. Details as to how are murky and none but those who were there know for certain what transpired. All anyone cared about was that the undead had been sent back to their desolate land in the north. The King's heirs were his daughters, twins. Only one covetted the crown and she took control. The other sister was regulated to little more than a PR representative for the Dalendine Royal family. As well, the old King's most trusted advisor Calogero was removed from his position and replaced by a younger Vashtinosi mage by the new young Queen's order.

Now there are the Netherbound that wander the realms once again. Warriors and veterans of the Scorned War that were infected with the Scorned curse. Upon their death they are cursed to return as one of the undead abominations they battled. Their lifespan is short, their skills are in high demand, for the curse gives the Netherbound the power to combat the restless dead and other undead horrors. Before this, Netherbound were almost never seen as none tried going to Nereus. Long ago, however, there were many. Some see them only as cursed. Others see them as a useful commodity to be exploited.

But, really. When your life is on a timer, explotation doesn't get a second thought.

The Netherbound: These are people marked (bitten, blood transfer) by one of the undead of the Scorned. They are marked to arise as one of the Scorned upon death. NetherBound are intune with the Netherworld. They can sense ghosts, spirits, and demons that are incorporeal by sight and a supernatral radar sense. This gives them a sort of danger sense when around these beings. They can step into a place between worlds where they can either injure (or kill) these things or drag them into the mortal plane to kill them. Netherbound have 20 years, at best, to live before they become ill and die. Most don't see ten years due to their nature. They carry a sense of death about them and their aura because of the taint they carry. This causes things like hair to stand up on a person's neck, chill down the spine, the feeling as if the room temperature dropped (though it hasnt). Nightmares are common and violence is not rare from the Netherbound. Netherbound have resistance to demonic and ghostly powers and the ability to harm incorporeal beings with any weapon they hold (or unarmed).

The Scorned: Intelligent undead beings that survive by eating living flesh. They are very strong, agile, and durable. They feel no pain. Zombies and mindless undead will follow the commands of the Scorned with no need for spellcasting. The Scorned can take tremendous punishment before death. No other organs but the brain are needed for the Scorned to operate. They are in league with vampires, liches, and other sentient undead. The Scorned can tap into Necromantic powers with relative ease. The way the Scorned came into being is no mystery. Long ago, before the wrld of electricity and Hot Pockets, there were warriors of Gods that traveled the lands dispensing what they believed to be justice and righting wrongs. These seven paladins came to grow prideful in their athority and abilities. They began to interpret the words of their gods in twisted ways and sought to remake the world into a plae of order. They sought to eradicate evil by any means. In doing so, their Gods cursed them. They would become as a corpse nd be shunned by man. They would never again know the warmth of a touch or any sensation. They would be as beasts and flee the light of day. But, the Gods did not expect these wretched things to survive. Yet, they did. The Vile Gods took notice of the hatred in the hearts of these totured deathless outcasts and gave them boons. They gave them the power to bring terror to the living. They were scornd by their gods and thus took that as their title. The Seven ae till lurking in the dark of Nereus. They have never died. Now, they no longer even resemble a thing that was once3 human. The Seven have taken on long, morbid extravagant titles in the place of conventional names. The Scorned possess a "life sense" and can tell when somethng living s n close proximity by supernatural semnses. However, they can not track Netherbound in this way and some Lifewards can mask a person. The Scorned transmit their cse by their blood. When they bite they secrete blood from their mouths. They can also spit blood and foce wounds they take to bleed. They can make blood literaly squirt from any opening in their bodies. Most Scrned coat their weapons in their blood. Scorned bood carries the curse for one hour after applied to a blade. It does not wok well on bullets, only effective 35% of the time. Due to their pacts with dark gods, the Scorned have access to Infernal and Vile powers and magic. As well as demon summoning. Scorned are not affected by Turning from Clerics. Scorned are highly resistant to holy powers. Inceneration and brain desruction seem to be the nly ways to "kill" one of the Scorned.

The Guilds: The Guilds are, on the surface, legitimate companies. Guilded members enjoy benefits and discounts not availible to other people. They work, in ways, like a union. Merchant guilds, mercenary guilds, arcane guilds, and other specialty guilds exist. But, to be a recognized card carrying Guild is to be recognized by the Grand Guilds. These Guilds are larger than others and Guilds are not always confined to acting in a single area. The merchants Guild has members in every country, for example. However, below the surface, the Guilds are little more than a vast network of organized crime. To be Guilded is essentially the same thing as being Made. You're in til you die, never betray the Guilds, and be loyal only to the Guilds. This isn't the best kept secret, but nobles who know and want to do something about it can't as the Guilds control valuable resources. The Thieve's Guild operates on the surface as a multiple purpose Treasure Recovery & Acquisitions Guild. Unguilded thieves in a city aren't usually met with friendliness from Guilded thieves.
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NetherBound Setting Specific Information
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