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 Geography & Nations of the world of NetherBound

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PostSubject: Geography & Nations of the world of NetherBound   Thu May 14, 2015 10:55 pm

Basic land and nation information for the game world. As well, some basic sub race information is within. This can and will be expanded by me and players!

Continent of Gryne - 3 countries, two lands.

Dalendine Kingdom- South of the Wyldlands, East of Vashtinos, North of Cardea. Largest country on the continent of Gryne. Largest single standing army in the world. Third largest airforce and navy in the world. Ruled by the Timandra royal family. The Queen is Kiara Timandra. Her twin, Nesira, did not seek the crown after their father died in battle against the legions of the Undying. The Kingdom of Dalendine's nobility all over see their own sections and report to the Queen's court. Certain powerful nobles sit on the Queen's council. Each noble owned territory can have their own rules, but they can not contradict the laws of the Queen. Slavery is outlawed in Dalendine. Northern Dalendine is colder most all year round, mid Dalendine more temperate, and southern Dalendine having generally warmer climates most of the year. The capitol city, and largest city on the continent of Gryne, is Kavradin. Kavradin is the fourth largest city in the world. Dalendine has the distinction of being home to many schools of magic that train wizards in the arts. A sect of people in Dalendine, called the Dal'shi, train their young in the ways of combat from the age of 5 onward. Dal'shi females, though human, always birth at least two children when they seek to. One with no magical ability and one with. They have a higher rate of twin births than most other people. What sets Dal'shi apart from other dalendinians is that they all possess a slight reflexive boost from a natural magic saturation in their genetics. This make Dal'shi swordslingers deadly in combat and spellslingers tend to be fast on the "draw".

Vashtinos - A smaller country, south the Wyldlands, east of Dalendine, and north of Cardea. Vashtinos is widely known as a country of warriors. A hardy people, the Vashtinosi produce elite warriors built to have superior stamina, impeccable reflexes, superb agility, and know how to survive in harsh terrain. Though not widely known for producing magic using people (only 2% of Vashtinosi have a magic touched soul), the current Countess of Vashtinos, Adalina Dragana, is an accomplished sorceress. Vashtinosi trained at their schools of fighting are highly sought after for producing valuable special ops units, elite knights, and elite bodyguards. Vashtinos has had a rocky history with Dalendine. The two countries warred more than once in history but were forced into a treaty during the Scorned Invasion. Vashtinos is mostly always colder with only the southern and western most parts being more temperate. The capitol city is Dragomir, the Dragana family's ancestral owned city. Though not technically slavery, there is a thing called elective servitude in Vashtinos. Criminals have a choice of imprisonment or becoming "temporarily owned" servants. This distinction is barely recognized by most others. Fifth largest standing army, tied for the best elite special operations units in the world with Jarengard. Sixth largest navy. Tied for fourth largest airforce with Jarengard.

Wyldlands - Bordered on the east and a northern part by the land of the Scorned. Bordered by Vashtinos and to the South. Land where vegetation cannot be completely erradicated. Spots of intense magical warping due to a tremendous devastation in the past by multiple simultaneous tremendous magical backlash explosion. Mutated animals, monsters, mutant humanoids, and people driven irreversibly psychotic infest the Wyldlands. Impossible to settle. Only a very few can live in the Wyldlands and not be tainted by the magic corruption infecting the land. "Barbarian" nomads of this type live on the southern borders of the Wyldlands, shunning conventional rule. However, they are the only sane people who know the Wyldlands well enough to traverse them. Due to the magically warped nature of te Wyldlands temperatures and climate can change drasticly in a relatively short amount of time. Though places that are blasted deserts are always hot. Even if there is a snow plain above them and an ice covered wastland below them. No one can predict Wyldlands weather with any accuracy but the barbarians that are born there can make educated guesses. The Wyldlands both the southern borders to Dalendine and Vashtinos, and western to Nereus, are always snow filled and cold.

Nereus -Nightlands of the Undying - Land of the Scorned, vampires, liches, and all manner of other Undead is the northern most territory of the Gryne continent. Wyldlands border to the south and west. Collectively called the Undying by the rest of the world, the inhabitants of Nereus do not recognize this as an official term for them. The Scorned primarily are believed to rule the land of Nereus. However, the Scorned, the Circle of the Lich, the Court of Vampires, and the Deathlords (powerful Death Knights) share equal authority. Zombies, Death Knights, ghosts, revenants, ghouls, and all other manner of undead monstrosity lurks in Nereus. Nereus is a land where the nights are longer than the days. Daylight hours are roughly only 6 to 8 hours and even then the land is cast in a perpetual grayness. The Undying exist on the meat and blood of the mutants, psychotics, and barbarian nomads of the Wyldlands. As well as anyone else foolish enough to wander near this accursed place. Nereus is cold constantly but never freezes. Living who have stepped foot here and lived to tell of it say the chill of the air makes the skin feel like that of a long dead corpse. Air travel through, near, or in Nereus is impossible due to a magical and electrical static field in the air that acts like a magic EMP to aircraft. Magic scrying does not work and long range communications fail instantly. Long range attacks fizzle and never detonate.

Cardea - South of Vashtinos and Dalendine. Called the Warlands by some, Cardea is a country made up of fiefdoms ruled by seperate noble blooded Lords and Ladies. Each territory in Cardea is essentially its own small country as the rules can vary drasticly from territory to territory. One territory might allow slavery and the very next to it be outlawed. Each of the Lords and Ladies of Cardea do however form a conclave when faced with matters concerning Dalendine or Vashtinos. If either country tries to invade or take land from Cardea the Lords and Ladies unite their armies. While these nobles may war with one another regularly they will cease all such activities to defend themselves from outsider rule. Though, some of the Lords and Ladies do have a few ties with either country. No one Cardea noble has ties to both Dalendine and Vashtinos. There is a 50 mile land bridge only crossable half the year that connects Cardea, and effectively the continent of Gryne, to the southern continent of Ismerion. Cardeth people, as they're called, are widely varied. From snobbish nobles to society shunning survivalists to tribal barbarians, the land is a melting pot. Cardea has alot of plains, grassland, and deserts in some spots. Cardea is generally warm climated.

The Continent of Ismerion - 2 countries

Urzul - The homeland of the Orcish tribes. Bordered on the eastern and western coasts by ocean, only a sliver of the northern part of Urzul connects to Cardea by way of the 50 mile land bridge that connect the continents of Gryne and Ismerion. Bordered to the south by Thoringrin. Urzul is mostly made up of jungle land, swamps, marshes, and deserts in the northern most parts. The Southern most part of Urzul is a temperate zone. Orcs took control of Urzul somewhere around 5,000 years ago, give or take a millenia. They were a slave race as they were extremely primitive at the time. They began to learn things and over time grew to resent their masters. As such, they rose up and completely eradicated the native humans of Urzul with a vicious revolt. It took them one month. The orcs of Urzul warred with the Dwarves of Thoringrin for ages in ancient times after that. As well as the humans of Cardea half the year until they learned to make watercraft. When the orcs of Urzul formed alliances with the goblinoids of Thoringrin and the scattered Gnoll tribes of Cardea they waged a long and terrible war. However, Dalendine and Vashtinos, as well as the elves from across the ocean, the Dwarves of Thoringrin and people of Cardea turned the tide. Seeing no clean break or victory in sight, the chiefs of the Orcish tribes met the Dwarven king, Vashtinosi Count, Dalendine King, and Elven Emperor to form a treaty. In return for assured peace with the orcs, the other kingdoms gave them needed supplies and opened trade routes with them. As token of appreciation, the orcs betrayed the goblinoid and gnoll forces. Today, Orcs are everywhere just like dwarves, elves, humans, gnomes, and halfings. Though ancient, some Dwarves can still be a little racist against the orcs. Most however don't harbor any ill will for stuff that happened in the past. Namely because they remember that originally the orcs were a slave race. High Elves, however, are terribly racist to everybody they think is ugly and don't get along with Orcs at all. The capitol of Urzul is Grodak-Ur. There is a sect of the Orc tribes that did not agree to the treaties. These Orcs live in the more remote areas of Urzul and are a nuisance for the civilized Orcs. Orcs are naturally strong and tough, possesing a great deal of stamina and dense bones as well. Headbutting an orc is not recommended. Orcish berserkers are valuable warriors because they seem to have a control over their insane war rage. They can turn it on in an instant. Turning it off takes a bit longer but they can still manage to snap themselves out of the rage. While raging, the naturally resistant to pain Orcs become completely immune to pain and their strength doubles. Unlike other berserkers, Orc berserkers suffer less fatigue when "coming down" from a Rage.

Thoringrin - Made up glorious mountain ranges, immense plateus, and vast rolling hills Thoringrin is the homeland of the Dwarves. It makes up half the continent of Ismerion, Urzul makes up the other half. Vast underground cities, as well as above ground ones, dot the landscape. The other indigenous race to Thoringrin are bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins. Dwarves to this day are still at war with the insanely fast to reproduce goblinoids. It is a never ending battle that takes year long lulls at times. Yet, the Dwarves never seem in danger of being taken over by them. No matter how hard they try the goblinoids can't seem to gain any ground. In fact, they are slowly losing it, tunnel by tunnel. Dwarves, being notoriously stubborn and prideful, have had other enemies. Namely Orcs and Elves. Orcs because they tried to invade them and Dwarves love a good fight. The Elves because they accidentally landed on their shores in ancient times and got off on the wrong foot. Dwarves say it was because the Elves were assholes to them. Elves say it was because the Dwarves were rude guests. As the story goes from their end, everything was fine until the Dwarves got drunk and picked a fight. Naturally, the Dwarves were put back on their boat and cast back into the ocean. Being Dwarves, they came back to pick another fight for the imagined slight. None may ever know the truth of it. Today, Dwarves have treaties with both Orcs and Elves. They don't mind Orcs so much but alot of Dwarves still think all elves in general are prissy assholes. The temperature of Thoringrin is temperate near the borders of Urzul but gets steadily more cool the further south you travel until the mountain ranges that line the entire southern coast of Ismerion are covered in constant snow. Fourth largest standing army in the world. No airforce. Fifth largest navy. The Dwarven capitol is and it is the second largest city in the world.

The Mithilwen Continent - 4 countries, part of one land.

Silathiel - Bordered on the West by ocean, bordered on the north east by Talamh Ar Maidin, and bordered on the south east by Soira Terres, Silathiel is the ancestrl homeland of all Elves including the Drow. Colder in the northern parts and temperate everywhere else, Silathiel's landscape is a conglomerate of hills and flat land all covered in a vast dense forrest. Rhavaniel, the capitol city and home of the High Elven Court, is the largest single city in the world and oldest. Largest standing army on the continent and second largest in the world. Largest airforce. Fourth largest navy. The Elven kingdom is ruled by the High Elven Emperor who is the head of the High Elven Court. High elves hold all the highest positions of power. No other races are permited to settle here. Visitors are highly monitored by the amazingly distrustful Elven Guard. Elves are widely considered the oldest race, as they are the longest lived, to inhabit the planet. To hear them tell it they invented everything ever. Which is grossly untrue. They did however invent air travel. And they invented the combination machine and magic combustion engines used today, called magic motorization or magi-motors for short. They have been the innovators in aero-magi flight development ever since. Elves have clashed with every single other race they have ever encountered due to their perceived superiority to everyone else. Aside from gnomes, halflings, and nature aligned races, they've went to war with every other race on the planet as well. However, now, everyone has alliances with the Elves. By careful planning the High Elven Court manuevered these treties in place as they foresaw themselves eventually being severely outnumbered by the races that reproduced faster. Elves create unique and fantastic works of art. As well, they produce sleek, fast, expensive magi-motor vehicles of all types. All Elves, including Drow, can use magic to a small degree innately. However, only Drow females can become clerics. All other Elves do not have this restriction.

Talamh Ar Maidin - Formerly part of Silathiel, Talamh Ar Maidin was claimed by the Drow who broke off from the Elven Kingdom in ancient times. The warlike, matriarchcal Drow have waged war on the Elves since then. They seek the subjugation of other Elves and races, being the world's foremost leaders in slaving. They consider all other races and people lesser than them. Talamh Ar Maidin is bordered on the East by Jarengard, the south by Soira Terres, the west by Silathiel, and the north by the ocean. Like Silathiel, Talamh Ar Maidin's terrain is covered in dense forrests. The hills are larger and more numerous here. As well, they have swamp like area and bogs. Talamh Ar Maidin is temperate near it's western and southern borders. The eastern border is slightly less temperate. But, further north colder temperatures consist. The size of the Drow army is unknown. Infiltration into them has been unsuccessful. The skies of Talamh Ar Maidin are rarely clear and rain is almost constant in some form. The Drow have trade agreements with Soira Terres and as such can freely travel or ship things through the country.

Soira Terres - Largest navy in the entire world. A land known far and wide for its art, unique cultures, and foods Soira Terres is bordered on the north by Talamh Ar Maidin, the north east by Jarengard, on the northwest by Silathiel, the southern border connects to the continent of Ebbir, and on part of the eastern border is the country of Omuran, of the Murisamu continent. Soira Terres has long been known as a travel center as before air travel all safe roads to Murisamu and Ebbir ran through here. As such, the King and Queen of Soira Terres enjoy a certain amount of trade power. Having access to oceans on both sides also makes the country an ideal center for all ocean based shipping in that part of the world. The capitol city is the fifth largest city in the world. The climate is even and temperate. Soira Terres naval ships are extremely fast, durable, manueverable, and pack a terrifying array of weaponry. The Fleets primary purpose these days is to protect shipping across the oceans and hunt down pirates across the globe. Soira Terres has been rather mercenary with their unstoppable fleet in the past. The Royals of Soira Terres have historically made no war, but have defended their lands without fail by any invaders. Some of the most silver tongued merchants on the planet hail from here. They have a standing army but it is small and used mainly as border defense. Anyone fool enough to try encroaching into Soira Terres territory are met with a swift response from river boats and ocean faring vehicles with long range attack capability. Due to ironclad trade deals, the best inventors in Soira Terres and Silathiel have came together to make the propulsion systems for Soira Terres' ships and boats. They also have a small airforce of precision bombers.

Jarengard - Jarengard is a mostly temperate near the southern, eastern, and western borders. The further north and inland one goes the colder it becomes. The northern part of Jarengard is always covered in snow. Bordered to the south by Soira Terres, to the west by Talamh Ar Maidin, the rest of Jarengard is surrounded by the inhospitable and dangerous Borjager Wilderness. Jarengard is sparsely populated. The terrain is comprised mostly of mountains and hills with thick forrests splattered across it. The humans of Jarengard, the Jaren, are generally a tall people. Jarengard has elite Jaren warriors trained for one purpose: slay monsters and hunt the Lyncanthropes of the Wilderness. These special ops units have tremendous strength and toughness, as well as minor regeneration. They toughened their skin permanently and are bestowed with their enhancements by a poultice only their sorcerers know how to make. Like the Vashtinosi, Jaren only produce magic using people 2% of the time. Jarengard has a relatively small army. But the entire army is comprised of these elite warriors. They have no navy as they are completely landlocked. Jarengard has a very small airforce, used only for insertion or extraction operations. No one wars with the Jaren and they make no war upon others. The entire country, including their Thane, whole heartedly believe their purpose is to fight and defend the lands from the Lyncanthrope hordes in the Wilderness.

The Continent of Murisamu - 3 countries, part of one land

Nobuyari - The ancestral homeland of the Hirata people. The largest country of the continent of Murisamu. Largest standing army on the continent. Third largest in the world. Second largest naval fleet in the world. Second largest airforce. Ohashi is the capitol city, which covers an island that is only disconnected from the mainland by two miles. It is the third largest city in the world. The terrain of Nobuyari is varied. The eastern parts of the mainland are a contrasting mixture of flat plains, spots of forrest, and huge singular mountains. Further inland more forrests and some mountain ranges exist. Grasslands and light hills make up the parts of the land not taken up by bamboo forrests. Nobuyari is a country that prizes honor and respect more than platinum. Honor in deed, honor in business, and honor in life. The culture of the Nobuyari is an old one and traditions have sparsely been updated even from ancient times. The Nobuyari have an elite fighting force that are widely considered as masters of the art of the sword, rivaled only by Soira Terres duelists, Elven fencers, Vashtinosi bladedancers, and Dalendine swordslingers. It is bordered to the south by Guan Zhang, to the west by the Borjager Wilderness, and by the ocean on both eastern and northern borders. The Hirata and the Caolin of Guan Zhang do not get along. Their ideaology and gods contrast and old wounds still fester. While not at war they are not allied. Tensions stay high between the two countries due to an invasion in ancient times by the Hirata. The Caolin eventually reclaimed their homeland but still hold the grudge. Nobuyari's Emperor once tried to make ammends and peace. He was rebuked and no attempts have been made since.

Guan Zhang - Bordered on the north side by Nobuyari, to the west by the Borjager Wilderness, and south western is bordered by Omuran. The south and east are bordered by the ocean. The Caolin are the indigenous people of Guan Zhang. The Caolin are a very spiritual people. They believe in he wheel of karma and reincarnation, that all acts performed in one life effect how your next life will unfold. As well, they value philosophy greatly. Intelligence is highly prized and wisdom is as good as gold with them. More than one traveler has told tales of getting free meals or a free nights stay in a hotel simply by imparting some profound bit of wisdom they carried to a Caolin owner. However, as much as they value peace, tranquility, and harmony of spirit the Caolin are not to be triffled with. In old times, when the Hirata invaded them and occupied their country, they were unprepared for the backlash they would receive. Unarmd men and women came crashing down upon their armed and armored samurai. Fists shattered chest plates. Ridge hand strikes broke sword blades. The fighting monks of Caolin were the primary reason the Hirata were drove from their lands. To this day, those who value unarmed skill know that none are more deadly than a Caolin warrior monk. They are trained to harness their body's energy and channel it into superhuman feats of agility, penetrating blows, rapid self healing, expunging toxins from their bodies, and even running up walls. But, not only did their warrior monks show the Hirata that the Caolin were not weak but they are also responsible for firearms. They had gunpowder forever and used it only for entertainment. But, during the Hirata Invasion, they used it to make traps and assault the armored and mounted Hirata soldiers. In later years they refined the process. But, it wasn't until he Elves and a Dalendinian got a hold of it that e see the firearms we have today. Those made of a combination of gunpowder, lead, and magic. The capitol seat, where the Enlightened Empress sits, is Jiang Gao.

Omuran - Bordered on the eastern side by Guan Zhang, to the west by Soira Terres, and to the north by the Borjager Wilderness. The south is bordered by the ocean. The Hamdi are the indigenous people of Omuran. While possessing many deserts, Omuran is not completely barren. They have small palm forrests and oasis scattered through out as well as patches of dry grasslands and rocky hills. The people of omuran have a very rich culture and have enjoyed an alliane with the Caolin for ages. The Sultans and Sheiks of Omuran regularly visit Caolin's Emperess and she is always invited to attend lavish parties they throw. Omuran's military is not what keeps others from invading them. It is their skill with trade that nearly rivals the Soira Terres natives. That and the wealth of the people of Omuran. There are no conventionally poor people in Omuran. The poorest person there could still buy your three bedroom rambler. For kicks. The Hamdi, however, have always been very clannish. As such, these clas often have disputes with one another. Small skirmirshes in the deserts are not uncommon to settle disputes. Like, say, spilling tea on a new pair of shoes. The capitol city of Omarun is Archanann.

The Borjager Wilderness - Bordered to the west and south west by Jarengard. Bordered on the east by Guan Zhang and Nobuyari. The south east borders Omuran. The north borders the ocean. The Borjager Wilderness spans two lands, onto two continents. This vast untamed land is thick with trees and brush. Forward visibility is always severely limited. It is no place for man. The Wilderness has always ben the home of lycanthropy. An ancient cursed that called back to primitive days before thought was given to anything but suervival. It was traced here. Then, there came the Nights of the Hunter's Moon. This is what we call the time when lycanthropes of all manner slaughtered their way out from the Wilderness. Many held true againt them. Omuran, Guan Zhang, and Nobuyari contructed giant walls. This worked somewhat. But most effective were the Jaren Varulvilder, or the Werewolf Flayers. These enhanced master hunters were the single most useful tool in driving the Lycanthrope packs from their lands and all those behind them. The Elves repaid Jarengard by bestowing a wealth of magical arms and armor on them. All made of enchanted Elvenforged silver. Driving them back was but a small victory. Since then Shapeshifters have been infiltrating other lands, sending out raiding packs to collect meat. Those lycanthropes once thought uncontrollable are now known to answer to Alpha members of their kind. Those shifters who can control their changes and think during the change.

The Continent of Ebbir- 2 countries, 1 land

Izimi - Izimi is a land formed after a revolt and split among the peoples of Ebbir. Some were designated as lower class and fit only to serve during ancient times. But, as it goes, the status quo wouldn't remain that way forever. Ibori warriors, indentured servants that became masters of hunting the dangerous animals of the deserts and savannah, were instrumental in the people of Izimi forming their own country. Izimi and Yujam Tet border Soira Terres to the north. Izimi's eastern coast is entirely surrounded by water. The descendants of the Ibori warriors who lead the revolt are who governs the land. There are seven of them and they are commonly referred to as Ibori Princes or Princesses. The Izimi latched onto the terms from Soira Terres travelers. The capitol of Izmi is Oblek.

Yujam Tet - Like most places on the continent of Ebbir, Yujam Tet has a fair amount of desert lands. Some grasslands exist near the rivers. The capitol city, Karag Rhyn, is an ancient place. The royals make their home in a massive layered pyramid structure that has existed since before the Elves have recorded. Yujam Tet borders the ocean all on the western side of it. Two places, at points north and south, does the borders combine with those of Izimi. The country circles half of the Great Desert, with Izimi circling the other half. Like Izimi the Yujam people have claimd every scrap of land they could. Yujam Tet is widely known for being very effective in the fields of conventional and alchemical healing. However, rumors persist that among their Gods they hold a Death God in high esteem. This gives cause for superstition to arise among outsiders. Their burial practices of mummification aren't exactly accepted either. Considering these things have a tendancy to get back up and start killing people, it stands to reason.

The Great Zaknafi Desert- A massive sprawling desert, Zaknafi sits in the center of the continent of Ebbir. It is bordered on the east, north east, and south east by Izimi. On the north west, western, and south western side it is bordered by . The Zaknafi Desert is an inhospitable wasteland that is only traversed to obtain rare minerals and resources that can only be found there. Otherwise, people steer clear of this unbearably hot land. Vegetation is almost nonexistant. Fearsome monsters make their homes here. Among them, not the least of which, are massive serpents that can devour an entire buffalo in one swallow. These dangerous things can catapult themselves out of the sand at speeds exceeding a bullet when they are enraged. This can devastate large vehicles. These serpents have been known to tear through a tank while performing this attack. The serpents have a nearly impervious bone exoskeleton over their skins and most prominently on their faces. With their mouths closed this effectively shapes their heads into a perfect piercing point.

The Island Continent of Ilo Thorne - Named so after the man who discovered it, Ilo Thorne is an island continent completely populated by dragons and dragonkin. As such, no one settles here. Only insane dragonhunters and crazed adventurers venture to Ilo Thorne. As well, many reptilian horrors and dire versions of animals roam the land freely. Ilo Thorne the man reported seeing ruins on the island continent. Structures that were in ruins even during those ancient times. Some dragonhunters and adventurers that by shit luck manage to make it back confirmed this. However. None have confirmed anything solid about the buildings or what is inside them. Aside from hordes of hatchlings, younglings, and other scale covered monstrosities. Once, an army from Silathiel attempted to invade the land and claim it. The army was destroyed in a day by the emergence of a dragon so large it scooped ships out of the oceans by the twos and sent them crashing in pieces to the earth. One survivor was sent back. This badly burned terrified elf was sent with a message. "Never come back." While dragons can be found the world round, those of Ilo Thorne are never spoken of by dragons elsewhere that happen to converse with adventurers. Any questions about Ilo Thorne are usually met with some consequence. Good aligned dragons might merely polymorph you into something hilarious for a month.Neutral dragons could pull some hilarious prank, maim you, or eat you. Evil aligned dragons will, without question, murder you horribly.
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Geography & Nations of the world of NetherBound
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